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There's no need to tell you my name. It'll be forgotten soon anyway.

Once, Clare had a protector. A Claymore, Teresa of the Faint Smile, famously efficient and cold-hearted -- until it came to a young, bereft, and stubborn girl. Once they were happy.

Then, like everyone else in Clare's childhood, Teresa died.

And Clare went to the shadowy organization some called Claymore. She went willingly, unlike anyone else in that organization's grim and mysterious history. She sacrificed flesh, soul, and pain to follow in Teresa's steps, and hang onto the only part of Teresa she had left.

Physical description
Clare is a slim young woman, maybe 18-20, of average height. Most notably, she's so pale she looks somehow bleached: white-blond hair, too-pale skin, and inhumanly silver eyes. She carries a huge claymore sword on her back, and wears a tight-fitting uniform designed more for freedom of motion and a warrior aesthetic than any real armoring. She's a whole lot stronger than she looks.

Metaphysical description
If your character can sense demons, magic, or similar kinds of power, they'll probably be able to sense that Clare is part demon. Unless Clare's working very hard to suppress it -- which the narration will mention, if it's relevant, especially while Clare is early in canon -- this is pretty readily detectable. It's a significantly weaker aura than [info]cantdiequiteyet, but definitely there. (It's also weaker than [info]dis_armed's, but since Ilena's aura is nearly always fully suppressed, that's kind of a moot point.)

If your character has any kind of demonic nature, Clare will be able to sense it, probably from across the room, and will be able to sense the flow of that power within your body. This is also true for a lot of kinds of magic, as well as non-demonic inhuman sorts, but please contact me if you want to discuss the details. (If your character routinely hides their magic or suppresses their demon nature, we can talk about that, too. There's canon precedent for a lot of variations on this.)

Psychological description
If your character is psychic, please note that Clare has no shields at all; there's no need for them in her world, because no one has that kind of power. However, the inside of her head is a pretty messy place. (Emotional trauma is basically a way of life for Claymores.) Empaths may wish to use caution.

Disclaimer: Clare is a character from the manga and anime Claymore, and she and it belong to their various owners. I'm [info]genarti, and I'm not one of those owners; I'm playing her for fun in [info]milliways_bar, and making no money by doing so.

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biki biki biki, hugeass swords, killing yoma, living, not getting much-needed therapy, raki, teresa, what are friends anyhow, yoma

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